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    Treatment rooms

    We treat you according to our german medical education - we take enough time to treat you corresponding to your needs.

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Our practice gives appointments only by phone, this makes our organization more efficient. So you have a very short or no waiting time.

If we are not able to pick up the phone we like to ask you to leave your name and number on our answering machine. This can happen, because only our doctors answer at  phone.

We welcome you in a friendly but medical clean and anti-allergic ambiance.

The public rooms of our practice are accessible for wheelchair users. this includes of course the restroom.

If you want us to remind you the next dental check up - please tell us before leaving the practice.

We are german doctors with german medical education comparable to a DMD PhD. We made further postgradual education in Germany, Switzerland and France.

If you wish we speak german or french or english with you. Dr. Dimitriou can also speak greek. Very often families with different nationalities want us to do so.

We have a medical license or approbation for France - if you wish we can make the invoicing in line with the german private system GOZ or an international system.